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The Tao of Liberty

Currently this web site contains a rough draft of my perspective on The Tao of Liberty. A few initial concepts are presented which will require editing later to provide a more clear understanding of the concepts of liberty and how they relate to the current political landscape. But this is a start which will be refined over time.

Nazi President Biden

I'm calling him Nazi President Biden from now on. I know Nazi isn't an exact match as he is not a nationalist (i.e., he is not loyal to the United States as he is more than willing to sell out our nation for his own monetary and political benefit). Biden is more of a communist like Stalin, but many on the left now consider it an honor to be called a communist. But there isn't a big difference between Nazis and Communists.

Maybe most important is Nazis select an identified group on which to blame all the problems of the nation, and then put blame and inflame hatred against that group. Hitler did that with the Jews, Biden is doing that with the MAGA Republicans. Hitler inspired the Brown Shirts to vandalize Jewish Businesses and assault Jews, for which the assailants weren't punished. ANTIFA is Biden's Brown Shirts. His rhetoric is inspiring them to vandalize the homes, businesses, and vehicles of MAGA Republicans. A MAGA Republican dare not put a TRUMP sign on their home, business or car, or wear MAGA clothing for fear of vandalism and assault. And, just like the Brown Shirts, ANTIFA is seldom arrested or punished for thier actions. And should a MAGA Republican just display a gun to scare away potential ANTIFA attackers, it is the law abiding MAGA Republican that gets arrested and prosecuted.

I know that Biden might just be a puppet and an empty shell doing the bidding of others, but those others are nameless and faceless. If Biden is going to be the face of this new American Nazi movement, then he will be the target of the blame.

So for me, from here on, I'll be referring to our corrupt president as Nazi President Biden.

(P.S. One of the major differences between Nazis and Communists are that Nazis are nationalists and Communists are internationalists. Nazis see their nation as supreme and consider other nations only useful for expansion and enslavement. Communism at its core believes that one day all capitalist nations will evolve into communism and there will one day be no national borders and just one communist world. For those of us that believe in liberty, there is little difference in these philosophies, but it has been enough to cause tremendous violence between Communists and Fascists. Since both are socialist movements, they are both far left extremist movements despite the left trying to paint Fascism as an extreme far-right movement. Both Nazis and Communists believe in a strong central government, which is only a far-left philosophy. The right believes in limited government. On the extreme far right we have anarchists, who believe in no government at all. Thus someone on the extreme far right would not be a fascist, not someone that believes in a strong central power. Rather, they would be someone who believes in no government, no central power at all.)

Looks like I'm not the only one thinking this way:

Dinesh just posted something!
Dinesh @DineshDSouza
Sep 3, 2022 at 5:24pm

A final solution for Trump voters?

The scary thing isn't Biden. It's all the little Nazis cheering him on. If Biden proposed a "final solution" for Trump voters-segregation, incarceration, if necessary extermination-many leftists would approve, and justify it as "saving democracy"-saving democracy from the voters!

The Cold War
The Free World vs. Communism

The Cold War was fought in terms of freedom. The Free Nations were viewed as having democratically elected leaders, freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, the freedom to assemble, and the freedom to present grievances to the government, etc. Meanwhile Communist nations were viewed as being void of legitimate elections, no freedom of speech, no free press, and usually atheist and a suppression of religion, no right to assemble, and no freedom to present grievances to the government.

But, the greatest impact these two different forms of government had on their citizens was that the average person in a communist regime had a lower standard of living and little opportunity to achieve prosperity. They had very little access to an affordable diversity of products and services. Meanwhile, those in free nations had a higher starandard of living where average citizens had access to a wide diversity of affordable products and services.

The reason that the citizens living under these two different systems had such a difference in standard of living and prospects for prosperity was because communist nations had a "Command Economy" whereas the free nations had a "Market Economy". A Command Economy is where the government decides what is to be produced, how much of it is to be produced, and how much it will cost. A Market Economy is where consumers decide what they want to purchase and how much they are willing to pay for it. Producers are guided by consumer demand in order to figure out what to produce, how much to produce, and what they will be able to charge for what they produce.

Market Economy vs Command Economy

Notes To Continue Writing:

The world is such a mess today. The old models and classifications don't work. Forget about Communism, Capitalism, Socialism, Democracy, etc.

A better way to look at the world is in terms of Market Economies vs. Command Economies.

A Market Economy is where producers compete based on trying to figure out what consumers want to purchase, and then produce that which consumers want to buy.

A Command Economy is where a central authority, usually the government, decides what consumers should consume and that is all they produce, leaving consumers with little to no choice.

The failure of the Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, etc., is that they were/are "Command Economies". The central government decides what should be available to consumers and that is all that gets produced. This results in a very stagnant economy with few goods, horrible quality, and limited quantities.

Market Economies result in competition, a diversity of goods and services, a growing standard of living, and prosperity for a growing segment of the population. It doesn't matter if the Market Economy is owned by private individuals, companies, or governments. As long as providers are motivated by fulfilling the desires of consumers, the market will work to the benefit of all.

People thrive and eventually become prosperous under Market Economies, which is quite different from Command Economies.

Most nations today are mostly Market Economies, and that includes Russia and China, unlike the Soviet Union or Mao's China. There are only a few nations that are not mostly Market Economies or Market Economies at all. There are still nations that are almost totally "Command Economies" which includes Cuba and North Korea.

Back in the Cold War Days I could understand our nation constantly being on the verge of war with Command Economies like all the nations in the Soviet Block, East Germany, Cuba, North Korea, etc. But since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia, East Germany, Ukraine, and all the Baltic Nations have become mostly Market Economies. And separately, China has also become mostly a Market Economy. It just makes no sense to any longer treat these nations as dire enemies based on policies of economic liberty.

There is a lot of general confusion about where Fascism and Nazi is on the political spectrum. Prior to WWII it was clearly understood that Socialism was on the LEFT and Capitalism was on the RIGHT, strong central government was on the LEFT and strong individual rights was on the RIGHT.

But things got confused in WWII when NAZIs and Fascists were the bad guys and the LEFT wanted to alienate themselves as being lumped in with the bad guys. So they reclassified Fascism and NAZI to be on the RIGHT side of the political spectrum. But the only thing RIGHT about them was that they were to the RIGHT of the Communists and Marxists. Fascism and NAZI both being advocates of Socialism has absolutely nothing to do with those on the RIGHT that are anti-socialist and strong supporters of Capitalism.

We do have to keep in mind the literal translation of the NAZI party is "National Socialism". Fascism literally means "bundle". It was taken from the idea that the nation should be run by a "bundle of workers", in other words, it should be run by workers' unions. Fascists were also Socialists and the Fascist party was actually created by Marxists who disagreed with the Communist implementation of Marxism. But Communists, Fascists and NAZIs are all different branches of the same LEFT WING socialist political spectrum.

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